LAB Home Service

  1. Call our hotline number 1830003 or fill a form online and request for an appointment.
  2. Share details like name, address, telephone number and the list of tests which are required.
  3. Based on this we will advise the patient on any special test preparation that is required, such as fasting for certain tests.
  4. A confirmation Phone call will be received once the test date and time is agreed.
  5. Our staffs will visit the patient to collect the blood sample. This is then transported securely to our laboratory for processing.
  6. Depending on your preference the test results can be shared with you either by email, or by person upon submission of Civil ID Copy.

Fill in the form & we will get in touch with you.

Laboratory Result Request

Civil ID - Front Sideimage

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Civil Id - Back sideimage

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Terms & Conditions

I agree to accept dealing by the provisions of the electronic transactions law, and I pledge that I will assume all risks that may arise from following the e-mail correspondence or the messaging service described above and I disclaim Al Salam Hospital form any legal liabilities. I acknowledge that my results will be sent the email address in this acknowledgment only, and that the results will be received within 48 hours of the realize in the previously mentioned time frame from 9:00am to 5:00PM I know that no results will be sent without attaching a clear scan copy of both side of the civil ID of laboratory results owner only.

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